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School Activity Planning Template (A) - An Interpetation
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Description of Activity


Expected Result





Stage Details and Considerations
  • In what respects is this activity related to the introduction of a particular CGE to our school community?
  • How will this activity raise the profile of particular Catholic values named by the CGEs and likely already present in the life of our school community?
  • Beginning with the end in mind (i.e. a particular CGE), how will our plan for this activity unfold particularly in identifying the desired results?
  • In what respects does the language of the CGE(s) provide us with a natural, authentic and accurate validation of the Catholic values inherent in this activity?
  • In what respects might this activity inspire opportunities for the natural extension of its inherent Catholic value(s) into other aspects of the life of the school community without being seen as an "add on"?
  • What will the Catholic values expressed by the CGE(s) actually look like when it/they is/are successfully demonstrated by members of our school community in this activity?
  • How will our school community formally recognize the achievements that flow from this activity?



Follow Up

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