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Sample School Activity Planning Template (A)
(PDF File)

Description of Activity

Writing letters of reference for students and staff

Expected Result

  • Well written letter specific to the individual applicant
  • Affirmation of personal qualities valued by the Catholic community and universally


  • Principal, vice-principal, department head and teacher


  • Promoting the qualities of community members to encourage their acceptance by others
Stage Details and Considerations
  • Review CGEs to help focus thinking prior to drafting a personalized (rather than generic) letter
  • A candidate exhibiting the qualities envisioned for a Catholic graduate would make a positive contribution to any association or group willing to accept them
  • Select specific descriptors from the CGE document to describe the personal qualities and strengths of the applicant to complement and extend comments about academic achievements and community service
  • Write letter to confirm the applicants demonstration of specific qualities envisioned for a Catholic graduate while a member of your school community
  • Where appropriate, incorporate phrases from CGE descriptors into the letter as specific qualities demonstrated by the applicant
  • Final letter serves to confirm effectiveness of collective efforts to educate mind, body and soul, as well as to confirm the supportive nature of the school community
  • Keep letters for successful applicants on file; check their progress periodically; acknowledge publicly the achievements of (former) students and staff


  • Feedback from selection committee and/or applicant

Follow Up

  • Track progress of successful applicants
  • Compare letters written by others

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