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1.c Religious Education and Family Life Program
- Elementary Sample
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Description of Activity

  • Student Retreat Program

SMART Goal Design - Is this goal...

  • Specific?
  • Measurable?
  • Attainable?
  • Result-oriented?
  • Time-bound?

Goal/Expected Result

  • Ensure that there is a comprehensive Retreat Program open to all students in the school


  • Relevant resources from the Board’s Religious Education Department
  • List of Speakers from
    • The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace
    • Holy Childhood Association
    • Free the Children
    • National Evangelization Team
    • Parish/Diocese/Community

Relevant Catholic Theme(s)

  • Dignity of the Person
  • Community and the Common Good
  • Dignity of Work and Service
  • Stewardship for Creation
  • Love and Justice
  • Peace
  • Hope


  • CGE1f Seeks intimacy with God and celebrates communion with God, others and creation through prayer and worship
  • CGE1g Understands that one’s purpose or call in life comes from God and strives to discern and live out this call throughout life’s journey
  • CGE5f Exercises Christian leadership in the achievement of individual and group goals

How will success be determined?

  • Student retreat programs offered; enthusiastic student participation
Contributors Tasks

School Administration

  • Designate staff meeting to support current student retreat initiatives or to explore the possibility of establishing a student retreat program
  • Work with students to understand their needs vis-à-vis time for reflection
  • Establish school plan

Faith Ambassador/

  • Assist with the organization of the staff meeting
  • Contact Board Religious Education Department for retreat resources (facilitators, materials) and in-service on how to organize and facilitate a student retreat


  • Support school initiative

Students/Student Council/Student Faith Group

  • Meet and dialogue with Administration, Chaplain and Faith Ambassador and Staff regarding Retreat Program
Board’s Religious Education Department
  • Provide resources
  • Give in-service on how to organize and facilitate a retreat
Process Stages Details and Considerations

June (Prior year)

  • Administration meets with Faith Ambassador, Chaplain, and School Pastoral Team to review the status of the Student Retreat Program. For the next school year discuss the following:
    • grade levels for which retreats will be offered
    • duration of each retreat
    • program
    • facilitators


  • Review goals and school plan for student retreats with staff
  • Contact outside facilitators if necessary

September – June

  • Implement Retreat Program


  • Evaluate success of program and modify if necessary

Effectiveness (degree to which goal has been achieved)

  • School Retreat Plan
  • Retreats

Follow Up/Next Steps

  • Various partners (Administration, Faith Ambassador Chaplain, Staff, Students) meet to evaluate Retreat Program and revise school plan if necessary
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