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4. The Triad: Home/School/Parish Relations
- Elementary Sample
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Description of Activity

  • To develop a Catholic Education Coalition within the School Community

SMART Goal Design - Is this goal...

  • Specific?
  • Measurable?
  • Attainable?
  • Result-oriented?
  • Time-bound?

Goal/Expected Result

  • A local Catholic Education Coalition will foster and deepen relationships between home-parish and school and it will encourage positive awareness about Catholic education in the wider community


  • Enduring Gift video by OCSOA
  • Articles on Catholic education by Dr. Mark McGowan, Msgr. Dennis Murphy, Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops, Sister Clare Fitzgerald.
  • Build Bethlehem Everywhere by Fr. Reichers published by CCSTA


Relevant Catholic Theme(s)

  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Community and The Common Good


  • CGE5e Respects the rights, responsibilities and contributions of self and others
  • CGE7j Contributes to the common good

How will success be determined?

  • As a result of the development of a local Catholic Education Coalition, awareness about the nature and value of Catholic education will be heightened
Contributors Tasks
School Administration
  • Gather a team of representatives from among the staff, students, clergy, parents, local trustees, and other interested ratepayers together to explore the possibility and potential of such a group
  • Ask secretary to complete related tasks
Catholic School Council
  • Coordinate and host meeting of representatives
  • Identify key representatives from CSC for committee work
Parish Council
  • Ensure that there are a least two members from the Parish Council (along with the parish priest) on this committee; it could serve as a sub-committee of Parish Council
Process Stages Details and Considerations


  • First meeting to:
    • Determine viability of such a group
    • Determine potential of such a group
    • Identify goals to be pursued
Mid Term
  • Refine goals
  • Announce the Catholic Education Coalition to larger community
  • Prepare calendar of events to promote awareness; other activities might include a barbeque, guest speaker, retreats, socials, coffee houses, etc.

Second Term

  • Focus on Catholic Education Week in May as an opportunity to highlight the work of the Coalition
  • Celebrate Eucharist together at local parish with focus on Catholic education

Effectiveness (degree to which goal has been achieved)

  • Committee will meet to discuss effectiveness of activities as a means to fostering relationships among the home-parish and school

Follow Up/Next Steps

  • In June the committee will meet to plan for the upcoming school year
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