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1.e Religious Education and Family Life Program
- Elementary Working Template
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Description of Activity

  • Religious Education and Family Life Education Protocol


SMART Goal Design - Is this goal...

  • Specific?
  • Measurable?
  • Attainable?
  • Result-oriented?
  • Time-bound?

Goal/Expected Result

  • Awareness of School/Board/Bishops’ Requirements vis-à-vis Religious Education and Family Life Education
  • Knowledge of Ontario Bishops and School Board Policy regarding a request to withdraw a student from the Religious Education or Family Life Education Program Responding to concerns from Pastors and Parents
  • Staff Awareness and Familiarity with Protocol


Relevant Catholic Theme(s)

  • Faith
  • Community and the Common Good


  • CGE3c Thinks reflectively and creatively to evaluate situations and solve problems
  • CGE3d Makes decisions in light of gospel values with an informed moral conscience

How will success be determined?

  • Knowledge of Protocol; awareness on part of administration and staff of course to follow if there is a parental complaint or a concern expressed by a Pastor about the Religious Education and Family Life Education programs and their delivery; or if there is a request by a parent/guardian for a student to be withdrawn from part or all of the program
Contributors Tasks
Process Stages Details and Considerations

Effectiveness (degree to which goal has been achieved)


Follow Up/Next Steps

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