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2.a Adult Faith Formation/Teacher Spirituality
- Elementary Working Template
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Description of Activity

  • Professional development opportunities within the school

SMART Goal Design - Is this goal...

  • Specific?
  • Measurable?
  • Attainable?
  • Result-oriented?
  • Time-bound?

Goal/Expected Result

  • School plan to educate staff in their faith and help them deepen their spirituality


Relevant Catholic Theme(s)

  • Mystery, Wonder and Awe
  • Dignity of Work and Service
  • Love and Justice
  • Peace
  • Hope


  • CGE1c Actively reflects on God’s Word as communicated through the Hebrew and Christian scriptures
  • CGE4c Takes initiative and demonstrates Christian leadership
  • CGE5c Develops one’s God-given potential and makes a meaningful contribution to society

How will success be determined?

  • Opportunities within the school setting to foster the spirituality of those working in Catholic education (e.g. staff retreats, prayer, guest speakers, book club)
Contributors Tasks
Process Stages Details and Considerations

Effectiveness (degree to which goal has been achieved)


Follow Up/Next Steps

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