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Liturgical Planning Template: Staff Twilight Retreat
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Time: 4:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Welcome Remarks: (Welcome participants and introduce retreat theme)

Opening Prayer:

Blessing Let us begin in the name of the Father and of the Son...

Prayer ...through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Session One (4:00 –5:15)

  1. Small Group Activity (20-30 min
    (Scripture – in keeping with theme - or from noted author)
    Three Reflection Questions - calling forth personal reactions/experiences.
  2. Personal Reflection Activity (5-10 min)
    Provide paper/sheet (with optional reflection/integration question) and time for journaling, composing prayer, written reaction to small group questions.
  3. Group Integration Exercise (20-30 min)
    1. In a group, construct an image/song/poem that symbolizes the meaning of theme.
    2. Have each group present their image/song or poem.
  4. Prayer (10 min)
    Scripture Reading
    Minute of Silent Reflection
    Prayer of Faithful
    (Church, World, Suffering/Oppressed, Local Community, Personal)
    Our Father

Break for Dinner (5:15-6:00):
(Food should be prepared and ready to serve; have someone lead in grace/blessing food.)

Session Two (6:00-7:30)

Introductory Remarks to Session

  1. Video Presentation/Speaker (20-30 min)
  2. Debriefing (15-20 min)
    Have reflection questions ready (if needed).
  3. Preparation of Prayer Intentions for Prayer Service by Participants (5 Min)
  4. Prayer Service (10-15 min)

    (Prepared ahead of time)

Suggested format:

Brief Introduction and Song

Opening Prayer

Scripture Reading

Response (Shared/Read/Sung)

Prayer of Faithful (plus spontaneous prayer)

Our Father

Sign of Peace

Closing Prayer and Blessing (And may almighty God bless us: Father, Son…)

Closing Song


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