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Essential Elements of the Document (PDF File)

Catholic Themes Defined
A brief description is provided for each of t he twelve Cath olic Themes that grounds the entire document.

Considerations for Incorporating Catholic Themes
This section highlights three proposals governing the approach to central curriculum issues in the contemporary context.

Three Approaches to Incorporating Catholic Themes
A guideline is provided that reviews three approaches (integration, extension and infusion) to the incorporation of Catholic Themes into both academic and wider school curricula.

Planning Templates
Several te mplates are included to assist the educator in their efforts to authentically integrate the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations into the curricula.

  • School Improvement Planning Templates (for Religious Education and Family Life Education)
    • these templates provide persons responsible for formulating school improvement plans a way to structure such initiatives that are concerned with the implementation of both the religion and family life programs; samples are provided for each of the elementary and secondary panels
  • Continuous School Renewal Planning Template
    • this template will assist administrators to work with staff to develop long range (2-3 years) school renewal plans, setting these in the context of the faith dimension of the Catholic school using Catholic Themes and Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectation
  • Curriculum Planning Template
    • this template provides the space wherein the relationships between the particular curriculum task, the Catholic Themes and the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations are identified and explicitly linked to the classroom.
  • School Activity Planning Template s A & B
    • these templates will facilitate the planning of activities not directly related to classroom curricula. Examples: Spirit Week, Fundraising, Student Assemblies
  • Liturgical Planning Templates
    • these two templates provide persons responsible for creating liturgies for their school community structured approaches to designing Eucharistic and non-Eucharistic celebrations; some samples are included.
    • Composing Prayers is a guide for drafting prayers for any occasion.
  • Adult Faith Formation Templates
    • these templates provide structured approaches to designing faith formation activities which enable one to reflect upon his/her experience in light of the Gospel
    • Resources for Leadership in Catholic Education is a list of current information (Church Documents, web sites, articles) that those assuming leadership roles in Catholic education will find useful
    • Build Bethlehem Everywhere - A Statement on Catholic Education - Discussion Guide is a set of questions which will support efforts to explore this important resource from the Canadian Catholic Schools Trustees Association
    • Being the Body of Christ as Communities of Hope is a resource developed for schools inspired by the theme for Catholic Education Week 2005 and is included as a separate file on the CD (version 2.0)


  • Catholic Themes Checklist
    • this list presents the twelve Catholic Themes that are foundational to this curriculum tool.
  • Anchor Concepts Embedded in the Catholic Themes
    • this list of twenty-one Anchor Concepts is presented with reference to the twelve Catholic Themes
  • Catholic Themes in Relation to Anchor Concepts
    • this list of twelve Catholic Themes is presented with reference to the twenty-one Anchor Concepts
  • Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations and the Anchor Concepts
    • this chart lists the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations and suggests the degree to which each is related to the twenty-one Anchor Concepts

Anchor Concepts
This section of the document focuses on the twenty-one Anchor Concepts. For each concept a brief explanation is provided alongside lists of related concepts and the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations.

Catholic Themes
This section of the document focuses on the twelve Catholi c Themes. The meaning and relevance of each of the Themes is explored under the following headings:

  • Scripture Story
    • a story from Scripture that roots the Theme in the Biblical tradition of our faith
  • Supporting Resources
    • a brief description of the Theme as it relates to the teaching Tradition of the Church as well as how it may relate to other concepts
    • a listing of representative Scripture passages
    • a more extensive listing of relevant Scripture passages in some Themes
    • a listing of relevant linkages to key Catholic Church teachings and documents
    • a listing of relevant linkages to statements by Canadian Bishops' Conferences
    • a listing of relevant quotations
    • a listing of some relevant web sites
  • Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations
    • a listing of the possible linkages to the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations themselves
  • Reflection Questions
    • this series of reflection questions can be used by educators to deepen their understanding of a particular Theme or as a faith formation activity
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