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Catholic Themes in Relation to Anchor Concepts (PDF File)

Catholic Themes Anchor Concepts
FAITH Faith, Transformation/Conversion
HOPE Empowerment, Redemption, Transformation/Conversion
LOVE AND JUSTICE Conflict, Distribution, Empowerment, Globalism, Interdependence, Justice, Solidarity, Common Good, Community, Human Dignity, Lifestyle, Transformation/Conversion
DIGNITY OF THE HUMAN PERSON Globalism, Human Dignity, Interdependence, Lifestyle, Solidarity
INTIMACY AND SEXUALITY Common Good, Community, Creativity/Design, Discovery, Empowerment, Faith, Family, Human Dignity, Interdependence, Lifestyle, Vocation
COMMUNITY AND THE COMMON GOOD Citizenship, Common Good, Community, Family, Lifestyle
PREFERENTIAL OPTION FOR THE POOR AND VULNERABLE Globalism, Interdependence, Justice, Solidarity
HUMAN RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Distribution, Globalism, Interdependence, Solidarity
DIGNITY OF WORK AND SERVICE Citizenship, Common Good, Community, Human Dignity, Justice, Vocation
STEWARDSHIP FOR CREATION Globalism, Lifestyle, Stewardship
PEACE Conflict, Distribution, Empowerment, Transformation/Conversion
MYSTERY, WONDER AND AWE Creativity/Design, Discovery, Faith, Lifestyle, Redemption, Revelation, Transformation/Conversion


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